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For more information on how to use sleepYstrip®, please download the PDF file below

The SleepYstrip Guide to Mouth Taping The SleepYstrip Guide to Mouth Taping (1529 KB)


  • 1. Is sleepYstrip® easy to use and comfortable to wear?

    sleepYstrip® is very simple to use and comes with instructions on how to wear it.  See below for the video showing how to wear sleepYstrip®. It is made from a hypoallergenic medial grade tape, and is very comfortable for the vast majority of users. It is very easy to remove. Furthermore, it can be customised to suit your individual comfort.

  • 2. Is sleepYstrip® effective in all cases of snoring?

    sleepYstrip® is effective in improving nasal airflow and reducing mouth breathing for the vast majority of users. This usually results in a quieter and healthier sleep. Even the loudest snorers can notice big improvements. However, there are always exceptions and whilst rare, there may be some people that do not notice a significant difference. Even these people may achieve health benefits simply by breathing through their nose, instead of through their mouth all night long.

  • 3. I'm quite scared of not being able to breathe with sleepYstrip® on?

    If you are nervous, just remember that there are breathing holes so you can still breathe if necessary through your mouth. For some people it can be a scary experience having their mouth closed, just be patient and remember it may take a few nights to become accustomed to wearing sleepYstrip®. You can remove the bottom part by lifting the tab and releasing your bottom lip until you feel calm enough to place it back into position.

    Try sitting upright in bed for 10-20 minutes prior to lying down with the sleepYstrip® on so you can get used to it. Also See below for the nose unblocking exercise so you can feel confident of unblocking your nose.

  • 4. How does sleepYstrip® work?

    See below to watch the video.

  • 5. Is sleepYstrip® safe?

    sleepYstrip® is TGA approved as a class 1 medical device. There are no reported incidents to our knowledge of any harm being incurred as a result of its use.

    sleepYstrip® has small holes over the lip region and so even in the event of a blocked nose, it is still possible to breathe through it. It is very unlikely that your nose will block up while you are breathing through it.


    See below to watch the nose unblocking exercise video.


  • 6. How often do I wear sleepYstrip®?

    A sleepYstrip® patch is worn each night.

  • 7. Can sleepYstrip® be used with CPAP machines?

    sleepYstrip® is a very effective adjunctive measure when worn with a nasal CPAP machine. Research* has shown that in patients who had poor results from CPAP machines, simply increasing carbon dioxide levels led to a significant improvement in efficacy of the CPAP machine. Nose breathing, compared to mouth breathing tends to increase carbon dioxide levels.

    *Thomas, RJ., et al. 2004 Low-Concentration CO2 is an Effective Adjunct to Positive Airway Pressure in the Treatment of Refractory Mixed Central and Obstructive Sleep-Disordered Breathing Sleep V 28 No. 1

  • 8. Can sleepYstrip® be worn with Mandibular Advancement Splints (MAS)?

    Yes it can. In fact, sleepYstrip® has a similar effect to MAS in that it encourages a more forwards jaw position. Using sleepYstrip® will assist with a closed mouth posture, while your MAS keeps your jaw forwards.

  • 9. Can sleepYstrip® replace my Continuous Positive Airway Pressure mask (CPAP)?

    Whilst this is not something we recommend if you have been prescribed CPAP for sleep apnoea, it is ideal for people who have attempted CPAP and have not managed to tolerate it. If you have been unable to tolerate CPAP it is certainly worth trying, and in many cases, simply nose breathing through the night can significantly improve sleep.

  • 10. Can sleepYstrip® replace my Mandibular Advancement Splint (MAS)?

    In many cases for mild to moderate sleep apnoea, sleepYstrip® can be an effective alternative to MAS therapy. 

    However, if your MAS has been prescribed by a doctor or dentist, you should consult with them first, before stopping any treatment.

  • 11. I have asthma can I use sleepYstrip®?

    Yes you can. Always keep your asthma medication handy but nose breathing gently (compared to mouth breathing) has been shown in research to potentially help control asthma. For the research paper click here

  • 12. Can I use the same sleepYstrip® adhesive patch the next night?

    For hygiene reasons sleepYstrip® has been designed as a disposable one time use only product. Each morning after removing sleepYstrip® please discard and use a fresh new one that evening.

  • 13. What if I need to cough or sneeze? Do I have to remove sleepYstrip® and then put a new one on?

    No you simply pull the bottom tab up releasing your bottom lip. Cough or sneeze, then when you are ready simply re-place the bottom part of sleepYstrip® back into position and rub to ensure it is in place. This can be done several times without reducing the effectiveness of sleepYstrip®.

  • 14. Can sleepYstrip® be used with a beard or some facial hair?

    sleepYstrip® can be used for a light or medium cover of facial hair.

  • 15. It's not sticking to my skin and comes off during the night.

    If you use creams or oils of an evening they may interfere with the sticking capability of sleepYstrip®. Try eliminating (or reducing) the use of cream or oils on your face in the area where sleepYstrip® will be applied.

    If you have adjusted and re-applied sleepYstrip® you may have reduced the adhesive to a level where it no longer sticks effectively. In that case a new sleepYstrip® should be applied.

  • 16. I have very sensitive skin and find removing the sleepYstrip® irritates my face. Is there anything I can do about this?

    Remove the backing paper from the sleepYstrip® patch and place lightly onto your skin, somewhere like your arm or leg (ensuring that the area is clean and dry). This will remove some of the adhesive stick from the patch causing less grip to your face so it will be easier to remove the next morning and should reduce the level of irritation to your skin.

    You can also try customising sleepYstrip® for different levels of coverage. See below for our video showing you how to adjust sleepYstrip®.

  • 17. My child snores, can I use sleepYstrip® on them?

    sleepYstrip® is not suitable for children under the age of 5. We strongly suggest that you consult with a doctor or breathing educator if your child snores.

  • 18. My child snores but I'm a little apprehensive about using this type of product on them. Do you have any suggestions?

    If you feel your child would benefit from using sleepYstrip® then firstly we would encourage you to be confident around your child. Make it a fun experience - your child will look to you for guidance. If you are nervous just remember that there are breathing holes so your child can still breathe if necessary through their mouth if they feel they need to. If your child is nervous, explain that the breathing holes are there for them to breathe through. Also show your child how to remove sleepYstrip® if they feel they are not comfortable wearing it in case they wish to remove it themselves.

  • 19. Do they come in different colours? I think they would be fun in different options.

    We thought they would be very cool in different colours too and explored this option. We did not come across a method of using inks with this product that we found to be 100% safe.

  • 20. Is the adhesive on the sleepYstrip® safe?

    The adhesive used on sleepYstrip® is a hypo-allergenic, medical grade latex free adhesive and it is used in many other types of medical patches currently used by the medical fraternity around the world

  • 21. Can I wear sleepYstrip® when I am not sleeping?

    Yes. sleepYstrip® has been designed to encourage nasal breathing. So if you are sitting down watching tv, reading a book, working in the garden or exercising or any other activity where you wish to breath through your nose sleepYstrip® is a great tool.

  • 22. Can I wear sleepYstrip® when I am travelling in places that require the wearing of a mask because the air quality is bad?

    Yes. We actually encourage you to wear sleepYstrip® when travelling especially when air quality is not of the highest quality. sleepYstrip® has been designed so it can be worn under any type of mask.In fact it can even be used instead of a mask. Your nose is a great filter.

  • 23. Can I order sleepYstrip® here in Australia and have it delivered overseas?

    Yes. Simply click on the green button at the top of this page that will take you to a page that allows you to choose whether you would like sleepYstrip® delivered within Australia or outside of Australia. You can order and pay from here in Australia and have it delivered to an international address. Please note that you will be charged in US dollars and delivery is free.

  • 24. Can I order sleepYstrip® from overseas and have it delivered to Australia?

    Yes. Simply click on the green button at the top of this page that will take you to a page that allows you to choose whether you would like sleepYstrip® delivered within Australia or outside of Australia. You can order and pay from anywhere in the world and have it delivered to an Australian address. Please note that you will be charged in Australian dollars and delivery is free.

  • 25. I'm overseas and want to buy 12 sleepYstrip® packs but it only has that option for within Australia. What do I do?

    Simply click on the 6 pack option and select "2" in the number of units - this will give you a total of 12 packs. For most countries we use a postal satchel and it only allows 6 sleepYstrip® packs so you may receive your order in 2 separate satchels.

Each pack of sleepYstrip® is shipped FREE to you anywhere in the world.

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